from James O’Dea

Dear Bill,

I just heard that Margo transitioned last week. I am so happy to hear she was surrounded by the love she always so amply shared with others. She was a refined and hearty embodiment of what it means to live a compassionate life.

She was in every way what a karma yogi is about, always drawing attention to what needs to be done by skillful means without making herself the center of the stage.

I always felt her ancient lineage of heart centered peacemakers and real ones who come to do the work and not for the glory.

I think she is singing now that unfettered song of justice the universe loves to sing.

Hope your own good heart is well and always healing.



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  1. Natalia Workman
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 03:05:34

    The Yogis have found the following exercise most useful in stimulating the action of the brain for the purpose of producing clear thinking and reasoning. It has a wonderful effect in clearing the brain and nervous system, and those engaged in mental work will find it most useful to them, both in the direction of enabling them to do better work and also as a means of refreshing the mind and clearing it after arduous mental labor. Sit in an erect posture, keeping the spinal column straight, and the eyes well to the front, letting the hands rest on the upper part of the legs. Breathe rhythmically, but instead of breathing through both nostrils as in the ordinary exercises, press the left nostril close with the thumb, and inhale through the right nostril. Then remove the thumb, and close the right nostril with the finger, and then exhale through the left nostril. Then, without changing the fingers, inhale through the left nostril, and changing fingers, exhale through the right. Then inhale through right and exhale through left, and so on, alternating nostrils as above mentioned, closing the unused nostril with the thumb or forefinger. This is one of the oldest forms of Yogi breathing, and is quite important and valuable, and is well worthy of acquirement. But it is quite amusing to the Yogis to know that to the Western world this method is often held out as being the “whole secret” of Yogi Breathing. To the minds of many Western readers, “Yogi Breathing” suggests nothing more than a picture of a Hindu, sitting erect, and alternating nostrils in the act of breathing. “Only this and nothing more.” We trust that this little work will open the eyes of the Western world to the great possibilities of Yogi Breathing, and the numerous methods whereby it may be employed.


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