from Paulette

{read to Margo by Bill and loved ones as Margo made the transition}

This is a message for Margo:

I just came out of meditation where I saw you Sweet Pea.

I was looking for Sedra…just like a Witch to ask a familiar to assist.

She was asleep near a door…curled up in a dreamy reveraly and looking up casually indicated that she would be happy to assist.

Then there you were…marveling at the fact that the heavy ornate wood door was ajar…but there were no walls. You bent down to pet Sedra…it looked so ordinary…the gesture.

Sedra let you know that it was YOU that needed to pass through the door first…something that, for some reason, you thought was funny.

Before you passed through you asked to be bundled, swaddled like a baby to be held. I obliged and that was a joyful experience.

And now Carol and I sit and talk about these last days. All of our care a joy.

Hope to continue hearing from you as you enter your mystery.

All the best, 


Love from your Piscean Sister Carolena


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